Los Templarios Castle




the Templar Castle in Ponferrada was declared a National Monument and Historic Art in 1924. When in 1178 Ponferrada became dependent on the Templars via a gift of the Kings of Leon, the Templars found a small fort that became Roman citadel. They expanded it and improved it as the defense of the Camino de Santiago. The Castle that is there today resulted from a long series of additions and alterations carried out since the early twentieth century. The shields and crests of those who occupied and helped in its construction are proof of its various stages. The second photo is the Baroque Town Hall and the Clock Tower last Renaissance style, which is located in the access Clock Street (next to Town Hall).







El Rosal Shopping Centre

Great Shopping Hall. Wide variety of shops. Very complete mall. On the top floor (restaurant area) a bar-casino. You have to be 18 to enter. This bar is amazing!


Ponferrada Bierzo Museum

Another of the most interesting visits Ponferrada Bierzo Museum, located in the historical (upper area), between the Square and Basilica de la Encina and Plaza Mayor, next to the clock tower. The renovated building is located has its history since it was hall of the Guildhall, the town jail and house of the mayor, though his appearance does not say much, is a stone house typical of the area, with balconies and railings Forging; XVI century. After paying the entrance of € 3, we find a central cloister, around which occur the various rooms in the exhibition, in two heights. The cloister super cool, and covered with polycarbonate sheets, through which you could see the iconic clock tower. The exhibition focuses on the history of the region of Bierzo. The ground floor is dedicated to prehistory, early settlements, military culture … And the first is geared more to the process of civilization and ethnography since the fifteenth century. There is a beautiful room dedicated to gold mining on The medulla, with huge murals, explanations and photographs. And of course, one dedicated to Castle Temple. I was surprised the first mechanism that had the clock tower, it seemed immense and can not imagine how he could fit in there. In short, a very interesting museum that brings us to the history and culture of this region of Leon, which are worth visiting. Hours: October to April-11-14h and 16-19h-May to September: 11-14h and 17-20.30h, Monday closed. -Sundays and holidays only 11-14h.


Cornatel Castle


Conatel Castle is situated on top of a lonely rock, belonged alos Templars. I discovered visiting medulas wings and loved it and reform it had just premiered. It has great views very impressive.


Villafranca del Bierzo