Ciudad de León

Que hacer y visitar en la ciudad de León

Es las ciudad más bella y desconocida del norte de España, y posiblemente la que recoge más historia y, en mi opinión, más disfrutable es León. La capital leonesa cuenta con un centro histórico recogido pero interesante que bien se […]

Arte en León

Royal Pantheon San Isidoro de León

  The Basilica of San Isidoro and the adjoining Royal Pantheon, resting place of León’s ancient kings and assorted royals. This magnificent arched crypt, with its beautifully frescoed ceiling, has been described as the Sistine […]


Museo Sierra Pambley

  This stately house dates from the 19th century and was built by Segundo Sierra-Pambley, who founded one of the first schools in the region in 1887. The rooms cover two floors with original furniture […]

Museos de León

Leon´s Museum

Spread over four floors, the exhibits in this well-presented city museum begin with stone artefacts in the basement, thereafter journeying through the Middle Ages up to the 19th century. There are rooftop views towards the […]


Holy Week in León city

León is the best place in Spain to see solemn Holy Week processions of hooded penitents, with the city’s monuments as a stirring backdrop.

Arte en León


León’s showpiece Museo de Arte Contemporáneo has been acclaimed for the 37 shades of coloured glass that adorn the facade; they were gleaned from the pixelisation of a fragment of one of the stained-glass windows […]

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Arquitectura y Fotografía Leonesa

El Balneario de Villanueva de la Tercia

    El balneario de Villanueva de la Tercia está situado en la carretera nacional 630 de Adanero a Gijón, la popular carretera de Asturias, cien metros más allá de su km. 376. Entre los […]